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  • Natural Soft Skin & Anti Marks Soap
  • Aroma – Natural Sandal Wood Extract
  • 100% Natural and Herbal
  • Cleanses and Purifies Skin


This Aarogya Beauty Bath Soap making involves the blending of traditional Ayurvedic formulae;
Aarogya Beauty Bath Soap is fortified with 18 Herbals which protects the skin through its antibacterial action
and keeps the skin refreshed and healthy naturally.It is for skin that needs extra care; There are no harsh additives, It is hypoallergenic and clinically tested. It leaves skin clean and healthy looking.


It reduces pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots

It helps to reduce pimples and acne.

It moisturizes the skin.

It gives skin a glow.

It has antiseptic properties.

It helps to keep skin hydrated.

It gives skin proper nourishment.


100% Glycerin and Coconut Oil,
Neem, Adhimaduram, Tulsi, Turmeric,
Araganpul, Tanrikai, Kadukai , Nellikai,
Aloe Vera, Rose Petals, Vettiver.

Usage Directions:

Wet body and face, apply generously
and rinse.



Reviews (34)

34 reviews for AAROGYA PLUS HAND MADE SOAP( Pack of 5)

  1. Mahalaxmi

    AAROGYA PLUS HAND MADE SOAP is a very good daily soap. it provides freshness after bath time. Package includes 5 soaps each of 100gm.
    Overall value for money and thanks to Telechoice for timely delivery.

  2. Anupriya

    One of the best soap I’ve ever used. It makes your skin so smooth and also improve skin tone. Highly recommend.

  3. Arjunan

    Excellent scent. Very good moisturizing. Superb family soap. Value for money. Excellent quality soap in low price. Very nice packaging.

  4. Sujith

    A good soap to try
    1)Forms lather quickly
    2)Chemicals free
    3)Good fragrance
    4)Doesn’t become pulpy like other soaps so good to use till it finishes
    5)Doesn’t make skin dry
    6) Will buy again and recommend for sure.

  5. Monu kumar

    wonderful product for sensitive skin..doesn’t make skin too dry and it will leave soft and supple skin..very effective for daily use


    The soap has impressive scent and it feels refreshing.

  7. Imran

    This is made me speech less just amazingly work on your skin control acne and Mark redness itch skin must buy without any hesitation suitable for all types skinπŸ€—πŸ™

  8. Manjula

    Effective in controlling pimples and lightening scars… Gives a clear and bright skin on washing face….loving it.

  9. Srinisha

    I would recommend this soap. It’s a mild and gentle soap make the skin soft and clean. Good for acne and pimples as well . It gives flawless shine on the face if you use it regularly.


    Really good,,, go for it without any doubt it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  11. Ravichandran

    Fall in love with this products. This soap smells like anything you can’t get this smell ,smoothness and skin friendly soap with other products.

  12. Mohamad

    No drawbacks encountered. Very strong yet pleasing smell. Feels so fresh after showering with this one.

  13. Saroja shailu

    Love this soap.
    use n feel it’s goodness

  14. Mohan

    One of the best soaps to use till date. Washroom gets a superb aroma and during and post bath one can feel the aroma and freshness on the body. It rejuvenates one. Have been using this soap since 4 Months.

  15. Sandeep

    The scent is good. Freshness lasts long enough after bathing. Cleaning effect is good. Overall a good soap

  16. Anu

    Good product , i have started using . It has an amazing fragrance and freshness. Actually i bought this for my husband who is having a very sensitive skin . so far no issues. Good value for money .

  17. Pankaj Varma

    Really,good soaps….nice smell ….good for Skin

  18. Shivani

    Hey guys! I am a big fan of Aarogya Beauty Bath Soap & I recently started using this Aarogya Beauty Bath handmade soap & I am loving it.
    It has a nice scent also good for sensitive skin . The best things it’s made from natural ingredients like aloe.its for all skin type . men & women both can use.yes its value for money.

  19. Sanjeev

    Refreshing and encouraging, one feels spiritually delightful, cleanses well.
    One of the best personal soaps for me.

  20. Shiva Narayan

    Writing review after using for 1 Month.
    It works for me… This is the best soap I have ever used. after start using this soap my skin gets back to glowing…. Packaging also superb.. Thanks Telechoice.

  21. Aparna

    Really very good soap. So nice smell and so good for skin. Will order for more.


    its such a good product in this price, this bathing bar makes every shower a pleasurable experience. This soap offers your senses a soothing, calming feel while it removes all dust and skin impurities from your skin cells, leaving behind soft and fresh skin.

  23. S Choudhury

    The product has worked for me; my skin looks and feels great. Will definitely order from the Telechoice again.

  24. robert

    The scent is very good. In fact, it brings a refreshing effect.

  25. Supriya

    Very nice soap…it’s smell so good and feel so good on skin… satisfied with product…no side effects

  26. Karma

    wonderful product for sensitive skin..doesn’t make skin too dry and it will leave soft and supple skin..very effective for daily use

  27. Calvin Mano

    Being in Delhi where the whole year humidity is a problem anyone may have some skin issues. But this is very good in terms of treating mild issues related with skin. In addition, being a herbal soap you don’t have to invest in chemically formulated ones.

  28. Logesh

    I am regularly user ! Love it

  29. Ashwathi

    Really very good soap. So nice smell and so good for skin. Will order for more.

  30. Siva

    The soap is great for daily use. Has very mild scent and is very moisturizing.

  31. Vimala

    Its a good product i buy 3 times it is good for acne skin and also for normal skin i like it very much it smell like a Ayurveda, and it is a worth for its value and also it softens my skin totally its a very good soap

  32. Deva

    Useful product.Packaging was good… The products are fine ..

  33. Ashwin

    It moisturizes your skin without stripping away its natural protective oils. leaving behind skin that is soft, smooth, and hydrated.

  34. David

    Very nice product I used many products for my acne problem but nothing helped me for 2 years ..this Aarogya Beauty Bath Soap is really working I used only 2 soaps 50% of my acne was gone without scar.

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