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COVID-19 can bring on what’s called COVID pneumonia — an infection in which the lung’s air sacs fill with fluid or pus. And it’s possible that someone infected with the novel coronavirus might be in the early stages of COVID pneumonia – including a drop in blood oxygen level — without experiencing any difficulty breathing.

In such cases, a Pulse Oximeter might signal that you’re in trouble before you realize it.

This Pulse Oximeter can measure and monitor Heart Rate, SpO2 and Pulse Intensity with high accuracy. Displays waveform (plethysmograph) and digital readings, as well as pulse bar graphs, to visually indicate any irregularities or abnormalities, such as weak heartbeat. FDA 510(K) Cleared.

The Pulse Oximeter also displays your Perfusion Index or Pi (Pi is the ratio of the pulsing blood to non-pulsing blood flow in your finger and is used to indicate the strength of blood flow to your finger). Your perfusion index changes based on whether the blood flow to your body is going up or down, and whether the arteries in your fingers are narrowing (causing your fingers to feel colder) or widening (causing your fingers to feel warmer).

Pulse Rate Range: Up to 240 BPM, Oxygen Saturation Range : 70% SpO2 to 99% SpO2

Directions of use:-

  • Insert two AAA batteries (make sure to batteries are in correct polarities)
  • Turn the pulse oximeter on put Index finger into rubber hole with nail upward then releasing the clamp.
    Wait a moment to receive your accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings.
  • It will automatically powered off when no finger in the device for longer than 10 seconds. The display interface of LED rotates after pressing the power button less than 0.5 s.
Reviews (15)

15 reviews for PULSE OXIMETER

  1. Praveen rahunath

    A much needed thing in this pandemic..it gives accurate result..telly us oxygen level and pulse rate accurately..quality of oxymeter is good .also packing was good..a small pocket friendly thing ..can be carried anywhere

  2. Padhma priya

    Pulse Oximeter provide quick information regarding your blood oxygen levels. You can carry it with you and stay healthy anytime, anywhere. It measures quickly and accurately pulse rate and spo2 blood oxygen as I compared it with other oximeter too but it is pretty much awesome. Quality of the product is very good. Product is 100% genuine according to the description of the product. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do regular checkup to b fit and healthy. Thanks!

  3. Vijaya

    Nice product received 2 days and tested working well good for regular use must have product

  4. Vishwa

    These days even a small illness worrying me so thought to buy oximeter for. measuring my oxygen levels and Bpm ,. I don’t have much expectations on this first but this oximeter looks good , it measures bpm and so2 levels very fastly accurately . As of now i was satisfied with the product.

  5. Ramesh

    A great mini pocket oximeter for reading current oxygen level very quickly. A much needed product in this pandemic time… I am fully satisfied with it.

  6. Venkatraman

    Quality is awesome in this price range. Very easy to use, just switch on the button and it will start measuring your oxygen level without any delay. Reading is correct as I compared with other costly device which my doctor owns. Must have device like thermometer for home. I bought this for my grandfather and grandmother both are heart patients.

  7. Francis

    It is very useful product for home use and easy to read the reading. Build Quality, LED screen resolution and performance is very good. However if you are looking for an oximeter then go for it.

  8. Reshma

    This is very useful oximeter, it indicates oxigon level and pulse rate ..value for money product.. happy to use..

  9. Ankita

    Since the corona pandemic is on the rise, this product was on my wish list to buy for me as well family. It has a tiny led monitor at front side. This oximeter is light weight and handy. I tucked my index finger, its totally painless & it showed me the readings. Product overall seems nice & worthy

  10. Santhose kumar

    I was looking for pulse oximeter as it is highly recommended by doctors these days to buy because of corona virus. Ordered Pulse oximeter after reading it reviews and price range. Easy to use oximeter, tells oxygen saturation in blood. Easy to operate even by elders. Light weight. Display is clear. My parents often use it to keep their oxygen track. Also received manual in the box that briefed it how to operate. Price was low as compared to others brand available, after using it now can say it’s quality is good and accurate.

  11. Yamini

    Useful product in this pandemic situation. oximeter is really nice product with correct reading. The display is bright best is it gets off automatically if not in use.

  12. Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy

    Corona Virus pandemic, it is one of the most important device to keep track of oxygen level and pulses especially for asymptomatic people. This device gives accurate information within few seconds. Very easy to use and portable. It’s totally value for money. Highly recommend to have this…

  13. Sarathi

    Very useful product for medical health checkup at home( check blood.oxygen rate in body). Accuracy is more efficient from other brand oximeters. Very easy to use and friendly. Comfortable and easy to Cary in bag or pocket. Over and above,its amazing and value of money. Recommended to all for keep this in your medical box.

  14. Sneha

    Very useful product nowadays..
    Its material is sturdy… made-up of good quality of plastic with premium finish… Colour combination is good…
    Accurate reading…. Very easy to use…. Just put up finger in it… & All done…
    Reasonable price… As compared to others..

  15. Ramesh R Khandave

    This is very useful oximeter, it indicates oxigon level and pulse rate.
    This oximeter is light weight and handy.
    It is very useful product every day for home and all family member easy to use and read the reading.
    This oximeter comes with batteries inside so we can use it directly after unboxing.
    value for money product.
    happy to use.

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